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The Pope Family Dentistry Membership Plan is an in-house discount plan. It is not an insurance plan. However, it can be quite beneficial for those who do not have insurance, and potentially a better option than insurance in many cases.

Membership includes:

2 regular dental cleanings and exams

All needed x-rays at cleaning appointments

1 fluoride treatment per year, for each member

20% off all in-office procedures (excluding Invisalign and esthetic injectables)

Price of Membership:

$300 annual membership fee for first family member

$250 for each additional dependent 13 years old and above

$150 for each dependent 12 years old and below

Benefits of Membership Plan to Insurance:

1. No yearly maximum coverage limit- thus no more "waiting until next year" for needed treatment to allow insurance benefits to reset

2. No more deductibles to keep track of

3. No “waiting periods” to start treatment

4. No “missing tooth clauses”- Replace those spaces at a discounted rate 

5. No more third party decision-makers interfering with your dental health

6. And in many cases, actually saving money

Disclaimer of the Membership plan:

Any procedures not customarily performed at Pope Family Dentistry, or any procedure the doctors determine need to be referred to a specialist (i.e. most root canals, advanced periodontal treatment, impacted wisdom tooth extractions, etc…) will be subject to the specialist’s full fee.